Department of General Physics - history
Department of General Physics

Head of department – doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, prof. Yaroslav Shopa

     Department of general physics was founded in 1945 on base of experimental physics department. It is one of the oldest departments of physics faculty. Students from other faculties are studying physics on general physics department, which is the main task of the department since its foundation. Teachers of physics and students of physics faculty also study here. During 1970–80 our department was supporting physics studies all around Western Ukraine.

     During the existence of general physics department it was headed by:

     1945 – 1959 – assistant professor Lytvynenko Stepan;
     1959 – 1962 – assistant professor Vyshnevs’kyy Vasyl’;
     1962 – 1974 – assistant professor Pal’uh Bohdan;
     1974 – 1996 – professor Lyskovych Oleksiy;
     1996 – 2003 – professor Stasyuk Zynoviy;
     2003 – assistant professor Karavan Yuriy;
     2003 – 2004 – doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Bondar Vyacheslav;
     2004 – 2005 – assistant professor Pasternak Natalia;
     Since February 2005 – professor Shopa Yaroslav.

     Since 1962 scientific studies in physical electronics have been done. In 2003, after the foundation of faculty of electronics, department of general physics has split. Most of the old staff took part in foundation of new department of physical and biomedical electronics.

     At present time general physics department consists of laboratories:

  -  laboratory of general physics practical work (mechanics, molecular physics, optics and electricity);
  -  laboratory of methods of physical teachings;
  -  laboratory of physical teachings assets;
  -  laboratory of functional electronics.

     The department offers following courses:

  -  electricity and magnetism;
  -  physics of low dimensional systems;
  -  problems of science of electronic materials;
  -  methods of physical teachings in secondary school;
  -  methods of physical teachings in institutes of higher education;
  -  physical teachings assets;
  -  didactic basics of physical teachings;
  -  basics of teacher of physics mastery.