Department of General Physics

Taras Demkiv

assistant professor

Telephone: (+380 32) 2394429

Taras M. Demkiv In 1986 graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv State University, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences (1994, physics of semiconductors and dielectrics), assistant professor.

Main research interests are experimental research and mathematical simulation of kinetic effects in semiconductors Ą3Ā6 with the unparabolic law of dispersion, research of mechanisms of clusters formation in semiconductor films of the In-Se system, micro- and nanocrystals dispersed in haloid crystals.

Reads courses of "Physicist" for ecologists, "Expert systems in the physicist", "Sensor controls and transformations of physical sizes".

Main scientific publications:
  1. Stakhira J. Skip conductivity in In4Se3 layer crystals / J. Stakhira, V. Savchyn, T. Demkiv // Ukr. Phys. Journ 38, ¹6. 891 (1993).
  2. Demkiv L. J. Stakhira. The Peculiarities of The Localized States Distribution in The Forbidden Gap of In4Se3 crystal / L. Demkiv, T. Demkiv, V. Savchyn // Journal of Physical Studies 2, ¹4. 536 (1998).
  3. Stakhira J. Frequency dependence of conductivity is in the layer of crystals In4Se3 / J. Stakhira, T. Demkiv, O. Flunt // Ukr. Phys. Journ 40, ¹7. 737 (1995).
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  5. Myagkota S.V. Spectral-kinetic luminescent basic solid state physics characteristics of CsI-Ba single crystals / S.V. Myagkota, A.S. Pushak, G.B. Stryganyuk, T.M. Demkiv, L.S. Demkiv // Phys. Status Solidi. – 2010. – B 247, No. 2. – Š.393–397.
  6. Vistovski³ V.V. Luminescence Properties of LaBr3:Ce Microcrystals Dispersed in NaBr Matrix / V.V. Vistovski³, A.S. Pushak, S.V. Myagkota, T.M. Demkiv, A.S. Voloshinovski³, P. A. Rodny³ // Optics and Spectroscopy.– 2010. – Vol. 109, No. 3.– Š. 352–357.