Established in 1872


   Works in physics, mathematics, mechanics, meteorology as well as astronomy and ecology. His most weighty works concern light wave refraction, gravitation and matter radiation state. He became a member of German Leopoldina Academy in Halle. Oskar Fabian was Dean of Philosophical Faculty of Lviv University.
Professor in 1872-1899.


   Works on the kinetics theory, fluctuations, similarity teqnique in aerodynamics as well as theoretical and experimental works on orogeny processes. He was awarded the following degrees: PhD degree of Vienna University, Professor of experimental physics of teh Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Professor of theoretical physics of the University of Lviv, Doctor of Law of Glasgow University. He obtained the Haitinger's prize for theoretical investigation of brownian motion.
Professor in 1900-1913.


   Famous works on the electronic theory of metals and on the thermal capacity of fluids. Konstantanty Zakrzewski was awarded the Professor degree in theoretical physics of Lviv University. He was giving lectures on theoretical physics, thermodynamics, electronic theory, electricity and magnetism as well as held seminars.
Professor in 1913-1918.

Stanislaw LORIA

   He was teaching theoretical and experimental physics in Lviv University and was giving lectures on thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, electronic theory, theoretical optics. In 1919 Loria was awarded degree of Professor of Lviv University. He is the authour of the famous works concerning the relativity, gravitation and matter.
Professor in 1918-1927.


   He was giving lectures on hydrodynamics, electronic theory, relativity, quantum mechanics, theoretical optics as well as helds seminars on theoretical physics. Along with L. Infeld he is the author of the work concerning electronic cloud influence on the de Broglie wave structure (1931). Szczepan Szcheniowski is the author of papers on radiation and matter, quantum mechanics and atomic physics.
Chairman in 1930-1936.


   Investigations in the field of quantum theory of radiation, theory of difraction, atomic and nuclear physics. He developed systematic theory of multipole radiation, determined the selection rules for quadrupole radiation.
Chairman in 1937-1941 and 1944-1947.


    Works on the theory of magnetic dipole and quadrupole radiation of atoms, theory of atomic spectra. Group of works on the theoretical spectroscopy.
Full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Lviv since 1932, for the achievements in field of the theory of atomic spectra.
Chairman in 1947-1958.

(born 1925)

   He gave lectures on quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, statistics physics and electronic theory of metals in Lviv University. I. Yukhnovskii developed the displacements and collective variables method for investigation the quantum systems. In 1965 he defended doctoral thesis concerning the statistical theory of equilibrium systems of charged particles. In 1966 I.Yukhnovskii was awarded degree of "Doctor of Science" and in 1967 — Professor degree of theoretical physics. In 1972 he became Corresponding Member of Academy of Science of Ukraine on physics. In 1990 academician I.Yukhnovskii became director of Institute of Condensed Matter Physics (ICMP).
Chairman in 1958-1971.

Mykhajlo SENJKIV

   Chairman in 1971-1973.


   Chairman in 1973-1978.


   Chairman in 1978-1984.


   Chairman in 1984-2015.